Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Repi Multimedia - Fishing With Dynamite (2008)

From my favourite Albanian DJ team and/or band Repi Multimedia we get this new collection of "can i get a w00t w00t"-remixes.

From last.fm:
Repi Multimedia formed in 2006 in an upstairs rehearsal room on George W. Bush Street (formerly Barrikada Street) in Tirana, the capital of Albania. The group consists of ex-members of Tirana-based electronic punk band Rexhep Versus Meidani Versus Rexhep (who have been described as 'Atari Teenage Riot on herbal tea') and the Shkodra-based Albanian folk music collective Gjirocasta Cyclops. This musical clash is made obvious when you hear this unprecedented and original blend of traditional tunes from Albania, Egypt and elsewhere with hard and unpredictable breakbeats: the danciest music ever!

The three members of Repi Multimedia are Sali Troja, credited with 'electric chiftelia and 5 other instruments' (although it is unclear whether he really plays these instruments, seeing as so much of their music is made up of ultra-modern remixes of folk artists), Petrika Berisha, sampler and sequencer (but is credited on the album as 'stereo left channel'), and Petrika's sister Roza, sampler and sequencer (but is credited on the album as 'stereo right channel').

They run their own club night in Tirana called Oum Oum Oum Oum Oum and granted the media only one interview, when they appeared on Tirana's TAR FM radio station in January 2008, to promote their album 'Fishing with Dynamite'. In this interview, Sali and Petrika did not speak at all, and Roza, instead of answering questions, merely proclaimed 'Magnets have souls and everything is made of water' five times. That's according to the Albanian newspapers - maybe someone out there has a recording of the interview?




Rhetro Zenberg said...

the ONLY way to fish! ;>/

Magne said...

Kreismyr, I love you to death, but it seems your link is all broken like English.

kreismyr said...

The link was broken for quite som time, but now it´s up. Get yer freak on!