Monday, September 22, 2008

Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan & Party - Devotional and Love Songs (1993)

OK it´s time for the Sufi master of Pakistan. This album features the song "Yaad-e-nabi gulshan mehka", famous in some circles for its repetetive insisting line "Ja, den har vi", as if surprisingly fulfilling some obscure request.

Kind of lame cover, i dont know what its supposed to depict. Those rainbow colours signify that the album has something to do with Peter Gabriel somehow.


Youssou N´dour - Nothing´s in Vain (Coono du réér) (2002)

I guess y´all know who Youssou is, master of the mbalax, humanitarian leader, african ambassador to the world. This album, like 2007´s "Rokku mi rokka", is superb.


Jorginho do Império - Viagem Encantada (1975)

Dont blog it if you dont mean it, so the saying goes. This time it´s already been blogged by the mighty global groove blog, so the yoink gonna be redirectin´ you there. I never thought samba would sound so right.


Takashi Hirayasu & Bob Brozman: Jin Jin / Firefly (2000)

More music power from Okinawa, this is more acoustic and mellow than Mr. Kina. If you go ask wikipedia about Bob Brozman thay will tell you he is an american ethnomusicologist and guitarist and has collaborated with all sorts of different people.


Shoukichi Kina - Peppermint Tea House (1994)

Crazy Kacharsee! Googling this album I discovered that it´s a kind of best-of compilation, that it was released on Luaka Bop, David Byrne´s label, and that Ry Cooder plays on several tracks. It is happy because it is from Okinawa!