Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Season's Greetings!

Kwanzaa times are here again, and i have been passing this link around to family and friends to set the holiday mood. 12 tracks of explosive african dance music.


Dessalegn Melku – Guazuadegnozocheze
Super Jamono de Dakar – Yaraal sa doom
Johnny Bokelo – Moi Pas Comprendre Toi
Oliver de Coque & his Expo ‘76 – All Fingers Are Not Equal
Dur Dur – Hak Somalk Dumark
Extra Golden – Love Hijackers
Moussa Doumbia – Black & White
Mahmoud Ahmed – Nafqot Nèw Yègodagn
Cheb Amar – Sid El Harat
22 Band de Kankan – Sapony
Orchestra Marrabenta Star De Moçambique – Piquenique
Number One de Dakar – Adouna

Merry kwanzaa & a happy new year people!