Thursday, December 23, 2010


Happy holidays y'alls! This is this year's kwanzaa tape. African dance music for the holiday season. Mediafire zip for your mp3 pleasure

Mandingo Ambassadors - Malakounya
Professor Jay - Vuta raha
Dessalegn Melku - Endateleyachehu
Mahotella Queens - Zibuyile nonyaka
Penny Penny - Shaka bundu
Oliver de Coque & his Expo '76 - Anyi cholu uwa silili welele
Belly Steve et les Soeurs Mariana - Tulante ya meinu
Fode Kouyate - Sokho
Opiyo Bilongo & Extra Golden - I Miss You Pt. 2
Prince Nico Mbarga & Rocafil Jazz International - Polygamy

DJ Kreismyr - Kwanzaa III by kreismyr


Tarkan - Simarik (Turkey)
Rita Abatzi - Hira ke mangas (Widow and Mangas) (Greece)
Guillermo Buitrago - La Hija De Mi Comadre (Colombia)
Jorginho do Imperio - Potpourri Partido Alto (Brazil)
Wilmoth Houdini & Gerald clark's night owls - No mo' bench and board (Trinidad)
Lord Invader - Mary Ann (Trinidad)
Abdi Muhumud Amin & Waaberi Artists- Aynaaka hay (Somalia)
Unknown - Roho yangu (Zanzibar)
Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan & Party - Daikhnay Ko YaMohammed (There Is No Other Like Mohammed) (Pakistan)
Unknown - Mundiyan dil de (India)
Nazir Ali feat Nahid Akhtar - Society Girl (Pakistan)
Vinicio Franco - Soy teenanger (Dominican Republic)
Juan Piña y su Orquesta - La puyanga (Colombia)
Carlos Martelo y su Orquesta - Vacilando (Colombia)
Mandalay Sein Mottah - Lover of smiling girls (Burma)
Shoukichi Kina - Crazy kacharsee (Japan)
Chailai Chaiyata & Sawanee Patana - Kwuan Tai Duew Luk Puen (You Should Die By Bullets) (Thailand)
Unknown - Daichovo Horo No. 2 (Macedonia)

DJ Kreismyr - MIGRAPOLIS by kreismyr

zipfile of the individual mp3s

Saturday, February 27, 2010

Dur Dur (Somalia)

A few months ago I was completely taken by this Somali funk band called Dur Dur. At youtube I found a bunch of videos from a wonderful concert of theirs, in Djibouti, 1993. The playfulness of the scenes remind me a lot of the Talking Heads concert movie, Stop Making Sense. I'm not going to post all the videos here but you can find them by browsing related videos.

Many thanks to the Kezira blog for posting the songs from their cassette "Africa". I took the liberty of lumping them together into a zip here. One of the songs, the track entitled "Ethiopian Girl", is actually not a Dur Dur song, but the 80s hit "I've been thinking about you" by London Beat. It remains a mystery how it got in there, but the cassette rip sound gives it a new edge and also makes it sound kind of like somali funk. Thanks also to Likembe for the original heads up. At Likembe you can find songs from another brilliant somali band, Iftin.

Monday, February 15, 2010

Mathias Tjønn - Interim EP out now

Say hello to the fledgling duke of chamber pop, my good friend and New York-based, Norwegian born and bred singer/songwriter, Mathias Tjønn. Mathias recorded this debut EP in Boston with friends from Berklee music college pitching in on strings, horns and backing vocals. Interim ep is available at iTunes and CDbaby. Mathias' website

Mathias Tjønn - I Wrote a Book and that Means I Can Do Anything by kreismyr
Mathias Tjønn - Vi elsket dem. Alle by kreismyr