Saturday, October 31, 2009

Golden age Guinea mix

Golden age Guinean mandingo music has been constant in my ears & head for a few months. It's a really distinct style, the vocals, guitarwork and horn arrangements are all off the hook. The bands have awesome names like Le Simandou de Beyla, 22 Band de Kankan, Le Nimba N'Zerekore and Tropical Djoli Band de Faranah. If you want more there are impressive guinea/mandingo back catalogues at worldservice and globalgroove.


In april I was lucky enough to catch the Mandingo Ambassadors in Brooklyn, New York. They are led by guitarist Mamady Kouyate who was in Bembeya Jazz National back in the heydays. If you are ever in New York, they play every wednesday at Barbés by Park Slope.

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