Friday, March 6, 2009

The Thai that binds

12 tracks drawn from vintage Thai music compilations, Thai Beat a Go Go Vols. 1-3 samt Thai Pop Spectacular 1960s-1980s. Adds up to 33.6 minutes, which coincidently happens to be the exact amount of Thai music you can listen to without going koko like the guy on the cover above.



icastico said...

If you decide you like that coocoo feeling theres plenty more thai stuff at

kreismyr said...

Thanks dude! You were right about bollywood steel guitar too, i checked out his website, it looks fantastic

icastico said...

No problem.
Radiodiffusion is unmatched.
I have links to lots more good sites like it at my site...(including yours).

kreismyr said...

Alright! Great links section on your page, i'll be sure to check out some of the music on your page too when i get back to headquarters

vin said...

yeah the onuma singsiri song is amazing on this compilation, and Pumpuang Duangjan song is SO GOOD